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SQBServerSetup on Windows 2008 cluster

neonsunneonsun Posts: 8
edited June 9, 2009 5:04AM in SQL Backup Previous Versions

We are having some problems installing the SQL Backup server components on three separate Windows 2008 x64 clusters. When installing on just one of the cluster nodes, the installation completes but doesn't set up the cluster resource. When attempting to install on both cluster nodes, the installation just hangs after installing the files to the first node. No cluster services are added, and the server components are not installed on the second node either. The installer doesn't provide any error, it just sits there doing apparently nothing. Any ida what the problem might be?

Edit: System is Windows 2008 x64 SP1. SQL is 2008 SP1 CU2. SQL Backup version is

Edit2: Manual install detailed at Support Center seems to have worked fine and if necessary we'll restort to this for the remaining installs. Still curious as to why the installer fails to add the cluster resources though..
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