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Document the columns of a table-value function

BobGoodBobGood Posts: 18 Bronze 3
Enhancement suggestion: when documenting a table-valued function include a Columns section similar to when documenting a table.
All the metadata exists to enable documentation of the columns returned by a table valued function including
  • Column name
  • Data type
  • Max Length (bytes)
  • Nullability
  • Description (if an extended property exists on the column named MS_Description, which is an existing feature of SQL server)
Bob Good

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    JoshHJoshH Posts: 27 Bronze 1
    Answer ✓
    Hi Bob, 

    Thanks for your suggestion. The best place to add enhancement suggestions is at our UserVoice site. Our PMs keep an eye on that site to find ideas for enhancements and features to add. You can also vote there for features others have suggested. 

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