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SQL Search has been inaccurate and inconsistent

rk_01rk_01 Posts: 1 New member
I have not received accurate results from redgate search for years. Searching for simple things like:
Selecting "Match whole words only" returns no results if when I know there is some because I copied the text directly out of a procedure.
Unselecting "Match whole words only" results that include the words but not in that order so I get hundreds of results.

I have tried multiple solutions suggested across the internet like updating the cache, reinstalling the tool, reinstalling SSMS, changing versions, etc.

I am currently on a fresh install of the newest version of the product.



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    Hi @rk_01


    Thank you for reaching out on the Redgate forums and sorry to hear about these issues with SQL Search.


    Certainly not finding strings as common as 'INSERT INTO ...' seems peculiar as I would expect they are used many times in your db estate.



    From your comments I suspect you've exhausted all of these options, however we do have a page on the more common reasons why search results aren't coming through as expected:




    To try and rule out any other concerns, are you able to provide a copy of your SQL Search log files after you've attempted a few different searches. I would suggest changing the filters - from selecting everything, some specific objects and/or databases. Just to ensure you are getting consistent lack of results in all cases. 

    Once you have done some searches, click on Help > Logging > Locate Log Files and provide the last couple of files so we can investigate further.


    I've generated a secure file link for you to share log files, this link will be valid for 14 days.




    Jon Kirkwood | Technical Support Engineer | Redgate Software
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