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Get-SqlCloneSqlServerInstance not returning instance

Robert682Robert682 Posts: 1 New member

I am picking up the use of SQL Clone from the since departed DBA and I am looking to automate a few of the tasks via PowerShell.

Working through the basics I am falling at a very early hurdle

Running "Get-SqlCloneSqlServerInstance" I can see the Server info however the Instance always returns blank.  I have tried using a variety of credentials but all return the same (blank).  I am able to create Images via the WebUI through a linked Windows account without issue.  

Is this a permissions issue or a wider SQL Server setting that its not returning some info?

Many thanks!


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    andrewgibsonandrewgibson Posts: 4 New member
    Is your SQL Server instance using the default instance name of MSSQLSERVER or is it a named instance? If using the default instance name you can connect using just the server name SQL Server is installed on and the instance name is not required.
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