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is skipExecutingMigrations available on Community Edition

Is skipExecutingMigrations available on Community Edition?

I have read docs and watched Redgates YouTube videos on these feature but do not see comments regarding support for this feature on the various editions.

Empirically, I do not see skipExecutingMigrations working on10.9.1 Community Edition.

When I look in the code, I do not see the configuration being used.  Instead, I see a local variable being set.  See

On StackExchange, a comment indicates that it is a Teams feature, not a Community but I would like to get conformation from an authoritative source.

The docs list cherryPick as being available on Teams not Community

The docs for skip executions do not indicate that it is Teams or Enterprise only

The  glossary does not explicitly list skip executions

Is skipExecutingMigrations available on Community Edition?


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