Editionable/Noneditionable Keywords

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How do we ignore the NONEDITIONABLE  in Schema Compare for Oracle?  
This keeps showing up in the compare of a view even after you sync the view
Thus the compare never considers the view as identical and keeps scripting it out as a new object.
The problem with this is as follows
  1. The schema compare finds a difference in the object
  2. The objects are scripted out for update
  3. The update does nothing as the objects are identical in Oracle
  4. The schema compare finds a difference in the object 
  5. Starts all over again
Thus you have an endless loop.   


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    Hi Denis, 

    Apologies for the issues you are experiencing with Schema Compare for Oracle. There is a feature that could be utilized to address the issue you're encountering with the NONEDITIONABLE keyword. This feature, known as "ignore rules," allows you to tailor the objects that need to be considered as part of a specific project, potentially omitting those that lead to the endless loop you described. By configuring ignore rules, you can reduce the number of objects analyzed during a database comparison operation, which could help in avoiding the repetitive scripting out of identical objects due to the presence of the NONEDITIONABLE keyword​​. I included a helpful link below. Please let us know if you have any other questions.



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    DenisJCilliersDenisJCilliers Posts: 19 New member
    Perfect yes I did find these and it works, thanks :)
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