GrantRevokePrivilegesToFromYourself: Grant to yourself

DenisJCilliersDenisJCilliers Posts: 19 New member
edited February 15, 2024 2:26PM in Schema Compare for Oracle
I get this error when running Schema Compare in a Azure Pipeline

Schema Compare for Oracle version: activated, serial number: 389-739-884494-CF6E
Schema Compare for Oracle Command Line - Product version:
Reading dependency information
Registering database one
Registering database two
Comparing databases
Calculating dependencies
Finding issues with deployment

Issue:       GrantRevokePrivilegesToFromYourself: Grant to yourself
Resolutions: Skip
Resolution:  Skip
             Difference that may not be properly deployed will be skipped

Any Ideas on what to do ? as I cant seem to find anything in the documentation about this error



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