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Visual Studio Extension vs SMSS add-in?

Hi there!
Can you help please?

We would like to understand any pros/cons of using Visual Studio Extension vs SMSS add-in.

1) Against the same projects, can we interchangeably use the VS extension or the the SMSS add-in and expect full combability in source control and at deployment time?
2) Which one of the two is Redgate likely to support the most? Is it the SMSS add-in one? I am asking as I remember a recent blocking issue with the VS one and it took one month to fix https://forum.red-gate.com/discussion/90219/problem-after-update-to-visual-studio-17-8
3) Can we do more with one than with the other?
4) One thing we noticed: can SMSS add-in be as verbose as the VS one during a publish? VS seems to be very detailed of the operations happening in the background.

Many thanks!

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    DanCDanC Posts: 607 Gold 4
    Hi @DiCaFe

    1) Yes, you can use the same project in SSMS and the VS extension interchangeably, only difference is you have more control over the configuration directly in VS

    For core difference, please see the documentation here: https://documentation.red-gate.com/sca/developing-databases

    2) We support both extensions equally, that issue took time due to the breaking change from Microsoft and there were a lot of dependency blockers

    3) Please see my comment under 1 with the documentation link, essentially yes you can do more with VS

    4) I'm unsure on this one, potentially behind the scenes in the log files, but yes VS is more verbose with giving you detailed output during builds etc

    Hope this helps!

    Kind regards

    Dan Calver | Redgate Software
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    DiCaFeDiCaFe Posts: 2 New member
    Brilliant thanks @DanC !
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