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in SQL Data Compare it would be nice to have a way to select or unselect all columns.

How do you select or unselect all columns in SQL Data Compare.  It is extremely time consuming unchecking column 1 at a time!  A speed key to select and a speed key to unselect all would even be helpful.  


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    Hi @JimE


    Thanks for reaching out on the Redgate forums regarding your select/unselect query on SQL Data Compare.


    There are a few possible options that may help with this request.


    Include All/Exclude All are options in the Actions menu that quickly selects all columns and enables their checkboxes. Keyboard shortcuts are CTRL+I & CTRL+SHIFT+I respectively.




    You can also hold the SHIFT key when selecting columns to select a range of records between two records.

    Holding CTRL will allow you to click on individual columns to select. 

    Then use SPACEBAR to toggle all their checkboxes.

    When you have a range of records selected - clicking on the checkbox of one record will toggle that specific change for all records.

     This may be handy if you want to select a range of records to toggle.


    Right-Clicking within the differences window will also have some quick selections that may be of use too. 

    You can Include/Exclude all records or only checkboxes in Source Only, Different & Target Only columns



    Hopefully one or more of these quick-select options will be viable for your usage of Data Compare.

    Jon Kirkwood | Technical Support Engineer | Redgate Software
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