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Compare data in tables with different fields

Is it possible to compare tables (in the same database) with different field names? I am looking for a way to reconcile data in two tables.



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    Hi there,

    Yes, you can compare two tables in the same database. These are the steps:

    1. Set up the project to compare the same Server\instance\database to itself

    2. You then go to the "Tables & views" tab and you'll see everything mapped to itself since the names are the same - you click on the tables you want to compare and unmap them from themselves (e.g. Table_1 and Table_2 were mapped to themselves, but I've unmapped them below)

    3. And then you map the two different ones you want to compare to each other (e.g. I want to compare Table_2 to Table_1):

    4. You'll need to set the Comparison Key as you can see it may not be set automatically (you can see it says Not set in the image above).  To set the comparison column click on "[Not set]" and then map and/or choose the columns you want it to compare on.

    5. After that you should be able to run the comparison between the two tables in the same database.

    Please let me know if this helps.
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