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Column Picker Stopped Working for Azure Servers (PaaS)

DavidianDavidian Posts: 11 New member
I've recently been sent a new laptop from work so as part of that I had the latest SSMS and Redgate installed 

For some reason the column picker etc no longer works on Redgate: SSMS 19.3 - SQL Prompt:
However, I noticed it has worked for our Azure IaaS SQL Servers, just not our Azure PaaS - which typically is what I use most. 

As part of the debug process I loaded up my old laptop which still had SSMS 19.1 installed though I think SQL prompt was up to date.

The column picker worked until i did a "refresh suggestions" at which point all options for our PaaS servers disappeared. 

It would seem the issue is with Prompt and not necessarily a compatibility issue with SSMS

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