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Can you suppress specific alerts on a server as opposed to suppressing all alerts for a given time?

I have a window of time on one server (Microsoft SQL Server) where I want to suppress the unhealthy AG alert but I don't want to suppress any other alert as they would be legitimate.  I looked at the alert suppression screen and it doesn't appear I have that option....I was hoping it was just not obvious? 

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    Kurt_MKurt_M Posts: 188 Silver 1
    Hi @kbosshoosier

    Unfortunately, the suppression feature we have in SQL Monitor only supports the ability to supress all alerts, or performance and custom metric alert types. There isn't currently a feature where you can only suppress one certain type of alert I'm afraid.

    However, you may be able to leverage the SQL Monitor API into doing something like what you're after. In the example scripts we have, there is one to disable an alert. You could modify this to change it to whatever alert you'd like and since it would be a PowerShell script, you could have it run on any schedule you'd like.


    Kind regards,

    Kurt McCormick
    Product Support Engineer, Redgate

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