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ADO pipeline fails to write Schema Snapshot for one database

I have an SCA project that we are deploying using Azure DevOps pipeline to multiple target databases.  It's been working fine, but today it started failing for one database with the following error:##[warning]RedGate.Versioning.Engines.Interaction.BuildAndRelease.Deployment.SchemaSnapshotDeploymentException: Error writing schema snapshot to database: An error occurred during script deployment. Output from SQL Server follows.The error from Azure SQL Database is "The elastic pool has reached its storage limit." which makes no sense because this pool has more than enough storage (150GB free out of 500GB) and the database it tiny (150MB out of 10GB allocated).

I'm checking the database itself, and it looks like the changes were actually deployed, but the dbo.__SchemaSnapshot table is empty.

Not sure how to proceed, and could use some advice.

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