Timing on .NET 8 compatibility

We have updated an API to .NET 8.
We are trying to modify the SmartAssembly 8.1 project configuration to target the new dll but the UI just freezes and display the attached error after saving and reopening the project.
Do you have timing on when we can expect SmartAssembly to be compatible with .NET8?


  • SamanthaJSamanthaJ Posts: 7 New member
    We too require .NET 8 support for production builds.
  • I hope fixing this problem soon.
  • biztactixbiztactix Posts: 2 New member
    Why is this marked as answered if there is no answer?

    @redgate Just a rough timeline is what everyone wants... 

    SmartAssembly is used to move all our DLLs into a single file, It's part of our build process and with the release of dotnet 8, we're now waiting on this... as the compiled DLL from SmartAssembly is borked.

    We need to know are we waiting for you to fix this? or are we moving onto another product, We pay for support, but honestly wonder if this is basically abandoned until you need a feature internally.
  • IanSwattonIanSwatton Posts: 1 New member
    As others have mentioned, it would be good to have an idea of when .NET 8.0 support is going to be added (and available) to SmartAssembly.
  • Could you please provide a target date for the .NET8 support?
    If you are not able to maintain the solution due to other priorities, I can understand
    Just announce the product as being officially discontinued, provide refunds and we can move on.
    ... and please do not set this post as 'answered' again as we are still waiting for an answer
  • SamanthaJSamanthaJ Posts: 7 New member
    Please give us some information.

    As a business that has relied on SmartAssembly for years, we need to make a decision if it's time to move to a different provider, or wait it out.
  • Hi Samantha,

    I feel your pain, we are in a similar situation.

    Unfortunately, the response I have received from the RedGate support is that "there is an underlying architectural change we have been working on to better support the functionality and it's been substantially more challenging than expected; I'm afraid there's no official delivery date for .NET 8 at this time."

    Personally, this sounds to me like (many) months if not more.

    It pains me to see that a number of competitor products, such as dotfuscator, eazfuscator.net, dotnet_reactor, all mention being compatible with .NET 8. I have not tried any of them (yet). I am not sure this forum will be the ideal location for sharing experience in migrating to other solutions... 

  • biztactixbiztactix Posts: 2 New member
    4 Months... No Response... Your Silence on the matter tells great stories... 
    Sorry but no renewal this year then.
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