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Aligning multi line comments with /**/

I'm wondering if there is a way to align multi-line comments declared using /**/

(See attached image)

I would expect the initial /* and final */  to be aligned / indented the same.  SQL Prompt ver10.14.2 moves the initial /* comment declaration, but does not move the closing */

It would also be nice if the internal lines were aligned / indented the same. But I can see an argument being made for leaving them as is.




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    Hi @JoJoOhio

    I'm afraid there doesn't seem to be any specific options you can adjust to just affect the multi-line comments using the /* and */ in your particular example. I have had a play on my own test system, and apart from the whitespaces affecting the "Line 1" and "Line 2" rows, there's no other options I'm afraid. 

    This might be something you can put through as a suggestion on our UserVoice forum:

    Kind regards,

    Kurt McCormick
    Product Support Engineer, Redgate

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