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SQL Data Compare - moving data with parent and child tables

I think this has been asked previously, but wanted to confirm.   I have 3 tables, a parent and two child tables.  Table A has a 'modifier', table B can be linked with a sequence # to A, and table C is linked to B with a date/time stamp.   Can I use a "Join A, B, C WHERE A.Modifier = 'xx' " in Data Compare similar to a SQL query to pull data to compare for all 3 tables, or do I need to do separate WHERE statement for each table to pull the data (A = Modifier, B = seq42 , C = '11/15/2023 4:57pm')

From what I've been able to glean from other postings, it would have to be a separate Where statement.  And then follow-up question: are there any plans to actually develop a process to use a multi-table Join command as part of SQL Data Compare in the future?

Thank you!


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    Hi @bbergman72,

    SQL Data compare does operate on a "WHERE by case" basis, comparing data against a single table.

    Expanding the comparison process to map multiple tables would indeed be a significant feature enhancement and could be quite complex to implement. At this time, it's not part of our existing roadmap, but it's a great suggestion.

    I would recommend you share this on our UserVoice forum as a feature request. This platform allows our community to voice their preferences and upvote ideas, providing us with a better understanding of user priorities.

    Kind regards,

    Kurt McCormick
    Product Support Engineer, Redgate

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