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SQL Monitor and applications that utilize MS DTC to work with databases, any experience?

JAshJAsh Posts: 3 New member
I'm fighting with an issue that has myself and the application admin stumped, to say nothing of the network and server guys.  Within my estate, we have an application by a company called Intelex, which utilizes MS DTC to "talk" to its' database (it also requires Filestream although it doesn't seem to use it)

What we've run into is, when the Base Monitor service is running, the Intelex application performs slower and will fail to perform some actions.  At this time, we do not know if the actions that are failing are actions that might utilize DTC, the admin is trying to find out from the vendor.

The specs of our estate:
SQL Server 2014 SP3 CU4 GDR 12.0.6449.1 (4x servers, 1x instance each, SQL Monitor database and Intelex databases on the same instance)
SQL Monitor web and Base Monitor on a dedicated server
Intelex Web server on a dedicated server
Everything is within an Azure subscription and on the same subnet within that subscription

What is especially frustrating about this, is that everything was working fine up until about a month ago.  At that time, our Azure admins were required to make a change to the network that was supposed to ONLY affect traffic in / out of our subnet and not within the subnet between our servers (they are checking and comparing our test environment which went through the same change and has NOT had a problem.)

So, if anyone has worked with SQL Monitor (v13) and Intelex products or products that use MSDTC and had similar issues, what was the fix?  Or, if anyone has any suggestions for any trees for us to bark up to try to find a fix, that would be appreciated.
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