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Copy SQL History to New Machine

Using SQL Prompt
I've copied C:\Users\<user>\AppData\Local\Red Gate\SQL Prompt 10\SqlHistory.db to a new machine.
When I open SQL History, The 'Recent Queries' pane lists everything expected.
However, when I use Search, it only returns results that originated on the new machine.
What am I missing? Is there another file I need? How do I search all history?


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    Hi @alphonseg thank you for your post. 

    In that same folder in the original machine (where you were moving the SQL History file over from) there should also be a JSON file named "sqlhistory-search" if you move that over to the other machine are you then able to search through the SQL Histroy? 
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    alphonsegalphonseg Posts: 34 Silver 1
    Thanks. That worked, although I don't understand why since the content of both files look identical.
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