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How can I connect my WCF (IIS hosted) project?

I'm using WCF (based on .NET Framework 4.8) project which is hosted by IIS.

I'm using net.tcp 808 port (not http / https), but when i configure with IIS - ASP.NET, I can't connect my WCF correctly whether configured with Original port or Unused port (8013) all.

Configuring with .NET executable to w3wp.exe file neither doesn't work.

Attach to .NET 4 process to existing w3wp.exe was possible to connect, but it doesn't support Line-level profiling.

I really like the way of profiling like below (which I tried with WinForm .NET Framework 4.8),
But I need to profile my WCF project really.

I was googling about this a lot, but still couldn't find correct solution!
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