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Automate Database Snapshots between two servers using Redgate

Lloyd_MasonLloyd_Mason Posts: 1 New member
edited September 27, 2023 4:28PM in SQL Compare
Before investing in a Redgate license, I'm outlining a plan for daily database snapshots and would appreciate feedback on its feasibility.

 We're looking to set up an automated process for daily snapshots from a database, and we'd appreciate if someone could confirm whether the steps listed below are possible or not.
  1. Database Connection:

    • We plan to use Redgate SQL Compare to connect to our databases.
      • Source: sql-prod-server
      • Target: sql-dev-server
    • Can we establish these connections?
  2. Scheduling Snapshots via SQL Automation Pack:

    • We aim to utilize Redgate's SQL Automation Pack for automating database snapshots.
    • Our goal is to:
      • Take a daily snapshot from sql-prod-server.
      • Push this snapshot to sql-dev-server.
    • Is this scheduling feasible?
  3. Post-Snapshot Syncing:

    • Once the snapshot is captured, we want to resolve differences between the source and target.
    • Our plan:
      • Compare the snapshot from sql-prod-server with sql-dev-server.
      • Apply necessary changes to make sql-dev-server reflect the snapshot.
  4. Notification Mechanism:

    • For oversight, we'd like to be alerted for:
      • Successful task completions.
      • Any failures in the process.
    • Is it possible to set up such notifications?
  5. Testing the Setup:

    • To ensure proper setup, we'd manually run the tasks at first.
    • We'd then monitor sql-dev-server for the snapshot and the entire process.
    • Can we conduct such tests?

Our goal is to have sql-dev-server updated daily using the snapshot from sql-prod-server via Redgate tools. We'd also monitor this regularly. Could you confirm the feasibility of these steps?


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