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Building On Premise Databases in an Azure Hosted Build Agent

DavidHayesDavidHayes Posts: 1 New member
edited September 21, 2023 9:48PM in SQL Change Automation
We're moving from on-premises Azure DevOps to cloud hosted Azure DevOps using cloud build agents and we've run into a couple of related issues.

1. The build agent doesn't have access to our internal network so it can't validate users/groups etc. This gives us errors like:- 
##[warning]	DbBuildTask: ERROR D:\a\1\s\<redacted>\Migrations\001_20200416-1026_<redacted>.sql(0,0): Windows NT user or group '<redacted>' not found. Check the name again.
2. The second issue we're running into is how to handle cross database dependencies, we have a handful of databases that refer to objects in a third party developed database.

What are our options for working around these complexities?


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