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Redgate Client Service

Sporadically, when I cold boot my Dell Latitude 7340 running Windows 10 Enterprise, the Redgate tools are inoperative because they are not licensed.  I know this a false reading because my license is current and active for my Redgate toolbelt.  When I review the Services in Windows, I see that the Redgate Client service is not running and the "Startup Type" is set to "Automatic".  The work around is to either have a member of my help desk staff TeamView into my laptop and start the service or shut down and cold boot again.

Can someone from Redgate explain to me why the Redgate Client Service fails to run when the "Startup Type" is set to "Automatic"?  Blaming the laptop or the operating system are not an acceptable answers.  TIA.


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    Hi there,

    Thank you for reaching out.
    Sometimes, with an issue like this, it helps to set the startup type for the service from Automatic to Automatic Delayed.
    Can you see if this resolves the issue?

    Can you also rule out any anti-virus software that could be disabling it at startup?
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