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Server Upgrade and Data Retention


We are upgrading our production platform which will include new cluster names for our instances.

For example, if we have a single named instance called - PRD-APP-01\EMEA, we will be creating a new cluster called PRD-APP-02\EMEA.  We'll sync up these two services and switch the application configuration on the deployment date.

I have a lot useful monitoring history for PRD-APP-01\EMEA. I'll need to remove this as a monitored server and add in PRD-APP-02\EMEA, but is there any way I can retain the data and link it to the new monitored server?



  • HI @clivestrong

    In this case you will need to take a full backup of the SQL Monitor database and restore it to the new instance, once it's all linked up, you will see the previous PRD-APP-01\EMEA instance, remove that but don't tick remove data and simply link the new instance

    Kind regards

    Dan Calver | Redgate Software
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