.sdc file not being saved

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I have created a project, which created a .sdc file. When I open this .sdc file, all my mappings have gone away.

Is this because I am using the trial version? The trial doesnt allow saving a project?

When i try to run this project using command line I get:

Error: Nothing to compare. ...........




  • This is not because you are using the trial version - the trial should be a fully working version with all features enabled.

    I know that some mapping changes aren't picked up by the 'project has changed' code in SDC 7 (because we've fixed the behaviour for SDC 8 ), so could it be that you created the project but didn't save it after the mapping changes were completed?

    Does this happen whenever you save and reload a project with mappings / can you provide more information on exactly what steps you take when you see this problem and which version of Data Compare you've got? I've tried a couple of simple mapping changes and they seem to be saving into projects for me (and prompting me to save on exit).
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  • Hi Michelle.

    Thanks for getting back to me. Actually I decided to activate the license and now it saves fine, doing the same things I was doing previously. So, in my case it was a Trial version issue.

    As far as the Command Line, it looks as though SQLDataCompare Pro is needed to do this. We Have standard.

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