FileNotFoundException with merged WPF assemblies since migration from .net Framework to .net

Hi all,

I have a WPF project which I migrated from .net Framework 4.8 to .net 6.0 (windows).
I got everything running fine but I cannot get it running after processing with SmartAssembly.

There is one main assembly and several others which i merge into one. One of my base assemblies contain WPF "Windows" and here the error occurs. Starting with .net the compiler generated internal code (*.g.i.cs) added the assembly version into the resourceLocator Uri. After processing the whole project with SmartAssembly I get a FileNotFoundException on the very same.

Any idea on how to get this running?

I already created an issue with RedGate but don't get no timeline in when an update will be supplied.

Thanks, Stevie

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