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Flyway Placeholders


We're currently evaluating Flyway desktop (using the community edition) against a Snowflake instance.
It's going pretty well so far, and most of the requirements are covered.

One of the requirements on our side is that multiple environments reside in a single Snowflake account. So we have used prefixes on the database names to separate these out.

Within Flyway, we've used a placeholder to enable us to put the environment prefix onto the code at release time.

This means that we have a separate configuration for each environment.

Is there any way of specifying that the placeholder be linked to the [environments] section, rather than the [flyway] section of the config? That way we could happily have a single toml file per user with all their environment listed so they could swap between them within Flyway Desktop, rather than having to swap environments each time?



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    Peter_LawsPeter_Laws Posts: 244 Silver 2
    Hello BenKentzer & javaDuke,

    Thanks for the question!; you find us at an interesting time..

    One of the key reasons we're instituting TOML is to support multiple environments and afford them equal granularity in definition, compared to the prior format. We are however in the early days of this effort and there isn't complete parity yet, though it should be soon.

    This should be available in the next few months, there is not yet a dedicated date for it, the release notes should identify when this is available.

    Kind regards
    Peter Laws | Redgate Software
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    javaDukejavaDuke Posts: 12 Bronze 1
    Actually it does support placeholders in the community edition. The only issue I see is that the desktop tool doesn't save user configured placeholders into the project json. Perhaps its a bug or missing feature.

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