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SQL Prompt - Azure Data Studio Usability Requests

mjnincmjninc Posts: 16 Bronze 1
edited August 22, 2023 11:11AM in SQL Prompt
Hi, there appears to be some features not in SQL Prompt for Azure Data Studio, some of which keeps me going back to SSMS. 

  1. Would you please ensure that when your cursor is after the '*" in 'SELECT *', that when you hit tab it will expand all columns?
  2. Would you add the feature of hovering over a column shows you the data type of the column?
  3. When you Peek an object like a Stored Procedure, would it be possible to have a Copy button like in SSMS?
  4. Is there a SQL Prompt Keyboard Shortcuts list for Azure Data Studio?
ADS is pretty great, but I keep going back to SSMS to use some features of SQL Prompt.  

Thank you for your help!


  • mjnincmjninc Posts: 16 Bronze 1
    I did just find for #1, you can click ctrl+space then enter and it will expand the columns for you, so that feature is already part of ADS.

  • Hi mjninc,

    Thank you for providing these requests, glad you have found a solution for the first one.


    I have communicated these feature requests with our development team and have been added to requests you have made previously for Redgate tools running on ADS.

    Our development team has also provided the same feedback, this is not something they are able to provide a timeline on a fix for. These items may be included as part of a future update to the ADS extension, but this is not guaranteed.


    It is good to get the feedback as it is showing how the product is being utilised in ADS and can add extra weight onto adding new features and replicating items already found in the SSMS version of the tools.

    Jon Kirkwood | Technical Support Engineer | Redgate Software
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