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How to profile IIS Express process without administrator rights ?

SedSed Posts: 2 New member
edited August 22, 2023 9:37AM in ANTS Performance Profiler
I'm not an administrator on my workstation running Windows 10.

When I try to start a new profiler session on a running issexpress process, I get an error message telling my that I need administrator rights with these settings.

What settings requires such privileges ?


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    Hello Sed,

    What profiling mode are you using please? That is the most probable origin and depending on what you need, may be a limiting factor. Because of how the Windows OS is designed, in order for one process to interfere with another, admin right often have to be granted to verify this behaviour is intentional as it goes against the default behaviour and or security settings.

    This is going to be true of most products that depend on hooking existing processes.
    You might be able to circumvent this by ANTS being the initiating process, but that would require you shutting down your IIS server, which is obviously less practical / desirable.
    Kind regards
    Peter Laws | Redgate Software
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    SedSed Posts: 2 New member
    I'm using "Attach to .Net 4 process". I'm starting IIS express without debugging using Visual Studio. Then I try to attach to the issexpress process.
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    Hi Sed, 

    As a smoke test, are you able to confirm if running ANTS as an administrator does clear this error.

    Also, if you can confirm any port that your process is running on, I am aware that IIS Express does not require admin rights for ports above 1024. It does require admin rights for reserved ports & ports upto 1024

    Jon Kirkwood | Technical Support Engineer | Redgate Software
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