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Usage and licensing of docker based SQLCompare

I see that it's possible to use SQLCompare as a docker image. I want to use it in ubuntu azure pipeline and I have a couple of questions:
- How to apply license key to docker based SQLCompare? Here I see: in order to run the SQL Compare command line through Docker, you must add the <i>/IAgreeToTheEULA</i> flag. By using this option you consent to the applicable Redgate EULA. And there are three pdf documents... Could you just say whether I need a license or not? And if yes - where I should add it?
- Should I use self hosted agent in case of docker based SQLCompare?


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    Hi @mtkachenko


    Thank you for reaching out on the Redgate forums regarding your SQL Compare in Docker inquiry.

     With regards to your two questions;

    * How to apply licence key: 

    As long as you use the /IAgreeToTheEULA switch that is all that you will have to do for now. 

    Linux support is currently in beta and whilst we work on our Linux licensing solution, a "timebomb" has been applied which will cause the product to stop working 180 days after it was built. 


    Information relating to the Linux version can be found on this documentation page:



     * Using a self-hosted agent

    We don't have any specific documentation or recommendations regarding this, but there are a few customers that are using the self-hosted agent. If it fits within your project, I would suggest utilising it.

    Jon Kirkwood | Technical Support Engineer | Redgate Software
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    mtkachenkomtkachenko Posts: 2 New member
    edited August 14, 2023 7:09AM
    Thanks for reply. Could you elaborate a bit more about "timebomb"? My scenario: I'm going to create a new sqlcompare container on every azure pipeline run. How will the bomb work in that case? 
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    @mtkachenko - in your scenario you won't be impacted by the timebomb.

    David Atkinson
    Product Manager
    Redgate Software
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