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Missing important Information

Hi guys,

I really like SQLDoc, but it is missing some very important information.

For the SQL database, the size, computation tier, etc. are missing. Adding details about the query store is also very important, as is getting details about which Intelligent query processing features are enabled.
Also, I am missing information about temdb metadata optimzed etc.

For sure I can raise a feature request here, but i consider it a matter of course to see this information documented. 
I hope you will consider these suggestions to make your product even more valuable.

If you like I can sent you some TSQL statements to get this information,

Thank you !



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    Hi @torsten.strauss
    Thank you for the feature request, I can see good value in this information appearing in documentation as an on-demand indication of the database status but also to see how it matures over time periods or with major modifications to the database paired with new documentation being generated.
    Happy to forward this feature request internally to the product/development team.
    If you wish to share your TSQL statements, please feel free to use this file link:
    It will be active for 14 days.
    Jon Kirkwood | Technical Support Engineer | Redgate Software
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