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SQL Prompt Column picker not available

NozmeNozme Posts: 1 New member
After the latest update to SQL Prompt (, the "column picker" does not appear active.  How can we reactivate it?


  • RobynRobyn Posts: 170 Silver 5

    Is the column picker greyed out or not appearing at all. Please could I also ask for an example of how you are trying to use it? 

    The Column Picker is only available when it is valid syntax to insert more than one column into your code at this point in the query, and there are columns available to insert. For example, the column picker is available for SELECT statements and after ORDER BY, but not in a WHERE clause.
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    Robyn Edwards | Redgate Software
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  • Thomas_CThomas_C Posts: 3 New member
    edited July 18, 2023 12:50AM
    Another thread that has been started may alsobe applicable here -- the SQLPrompt "intellisense" seems broke in version which would (and does) prevent the column viewer from popping up because it has no columns to show because it is not recognizing ANY db objects while writing SQL in SSMS 18.x.  We have several SSMS 18.x versions running around here and all that have updated to lastest SQLPrompt are impacted and we aren't all on the same version of SSMS 18.x.
  • Hi @Thomas_C

    Sorry you've seen this issue with SQL Prompt, can you advise what version of SQL Prompt and SSMS you are currently using if you believe the issue still persists?

    Additionally, you mention another thread in your last post here, can you provide a link to this if this is another forum post as I'm unable to locate it.
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