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Does SQL History work anymore?

kalokalo Posts: 79 Bronze 4
edited July 3, 2023 3:54PM in SQL Prompt
Seems to be the case for me that when I do an advanced search I get results that have nothing to do with the search term i'm using.

anyone by what metrics 'relevance' is based on - as I'd expect containing the search term would be the main one.

Is there a way of making it default to 'Data, newest first' ? - as that's what's most relevant to me 100% of the time (ie. Find what i was last working on regarding what i'm searching for)

or is the above just because it has no concept of 'no results found' so shows everything when not finding the search term.? Although as you can see below using other search terms i'm able to locate the query I was looking for (and there's the alias that corresponds to my original search term it could not find! )



  • Hi @kalo


    Thank you for reaching out on the Redgate forums and sorry to hear about your searching woes with SQL History.


    Can I check what version of SQL Prompt & SSMS you are running.

    I tested using SSMS18 & SQL Prompt v10.13.11 using your snippet and did get a hit on the search string. I am wondering if it's an older version of Prompt, or different version of SSMS that I can test to better replicate your results.

     You can get the latest version of SQL Prompt here -




    Can I also ask that you enable Verbose Logging and replicate your initial search with no results and then provide the most recent log file. 

    It will show the parameters being passed in and results. If this is a bug then it's helpful to escalate to our developers with these details.


    You can provide the logs through this secure file link. It will be valid for 14 days.


    Jon Kirkwood | Technical Support Engineer | Redgate Software
  • kalokalo Posts: 79 Bronze 4
    edited July 5, 2023 9:32AM
    Hi Jon, 

    Thanks for your response and trying to replicate the issue.
    After it behaved like this and I was about to post on here I thought I had better update to the latest. So I installed what I was being prompted to update to when opening SSMS v18.12.1 and this has put me on Version Check for updates is saying "No updates available" [and not offering v10.13.11.1356]

    I then retested and had the same issue so I started this topic.

    Just testing again and I notice that on the normal search it will find one example at the top of the list but if i then look in the second item here it has no mention of the search term (As do any of the other listed items). Then when i switch to advanced search it seems to give up looking - if i change the term to just 'created'  it finds stuff but as soon as i add the underscore it no longer returns relevant items. Repeated this sequence and this time the advanced search behaves like the normal and returns lots of items but only the first in the list contains the search term.

    i think looking at the logs - they contain too much of our code for me to send whilst adhering to our company policies. If i'm able to blank out the items such as Received operation json: "SELECT\r\, would that still be useful to you?

    I will try installing the version you advised via your link


  • Thanks for the update and sharing the variance in behavior you're seeing between Standard and Advanced searching. Something to replicate and share with out development team.

    The version you are seeing may be just delayed from current, we do have releases and there can sometimes be a delay for them being marked as available in our frequent update check process. 
    It should usually be fine to wait for CFU to advise the new version but our release notes on products will often indicate the most up to date versioning. ( and then select your product > Release Notes)

    That's fine with the logs, we do have privacy protection in place with our EULA if you are a subscribed Redgate client and can redact logs after we have closed out the support case, but if you do blank out options it should be fine too. We're going to be primarily looking at the program generated logging to see what it is processing with your inputs.

    Look forward to receiving any logs you are able to share and any updates after patching into a newer version.
    Jon Kirkwood | Technical Support Engineer | Redgate Software
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