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sri2028sri2028 Posts: 1 New member

I need some advice on installing SQLPrompt_10.13.10.1356 via Intune. 

I'm using "Install.cmd" to install the package as follows:
SQLPrompt_10.13.10.1356.exe /S /standard

Is this the correct method? And I wonder what cmd would I use for silent Uninstall? 

Another question:

I have also downloaded MSI and converted to MST based on the guide below (https://documentation.red-gate.com/xx/installing/installing-from-the-msi-file?_ga=2.67382677.580988651.1688372442-462058154.1687250157#Installingfromthe.msifile-Installprerequisites)
so the install,cmd file I have created (msiexec.exe /i "SQL Prompt_10.13.9.869_x86.msi" TRANSFORMS="SQL Prompt_10.13.9.869_x86.mst" /qb! ADDLOCAL=ALL)

When i tried to run the above cmd it's uninstalling rather install SQL Prompt. 


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    Ben_PBen_P Posts: 226 Silver 2
    In case there are others with similar issues, please see the below:

    To uninstall:

    You can uninstall the tools  from command line by calling on either the msi or the uninstall string for the tool and making sure to include the /quiet switch.
    To use the uninstall string:
    • Open your registry with regedit and go to the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall key
    • From there, please search through under that key for the tool in question and locate the subkey that contains the DisplayName value  and take note of the UninstallString value.
    • If you take that value and change /I to /X and add the quiet switch, that will uninstall the tool. For example:

    MsiExec.exe /X{89962ADB-329F-45B7-95FE-821A72851664} /quiet
    Alternatively, you can uninstall by specifying the .msi file. This would just be something like:
    msiexec /x "C:\ProgramData\Downloaded Installations\6155E9E6FDC349B67D42984114AD7AAB\DLM Automation_2.0.35.1605_x86.msi" /quiet
    You can find the path to the msi file in the InstallSource registry key.

    To Install: 

    We are unable to assist with InTune but to install via the msi and mst files please see:


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