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Fragmented Indexes Alert - How frequently is this checked?

How often are fragmented indexes checked by RedGate SQL Monitor? I have an alert from 06:10 today that is still showing as valid however the indexes in question are all below 15%.

Is there any way for me to make them more frequently checked?


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    Hi Ben,

    Checking for index fragmentation is a very resource-intensive activity. For this reason, SQL Monitor only checks for fragmented indexes once a week: on Sunday at 01:00 (by default).

    This means that an alert may remain Active for some time after you fix the issue, and will only be updated after the next scheduled weekly check.

    There is a way to change when this runs (if you had other processes, scans etc happening in your environment that were consuming resource) but at present there isn't a way to increase frequency.

    I would suggest raising this request on the UserVoice site, votes on these suggestions can help prioritise future features!

    Kind regards

    Tom Claringbold | Redgate Software
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