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Is it possible to compare a table on 1 database with two tables on another db in the same project?

So, comparing table A on db1 with table B and Table C on db2 in the same project

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    Alex BAlex B Posts: 1,146 Diamond 4
    Hi @Jlew,

    If table B and C each have different columns that are in table A, then you should be able to make a view in db2 with the columns from them that you can then compare with table A. 

    However if B and C are both the same and the same as A then you would need to have two separate projects A->B and A->C.

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    JlewJlew Posts: 2 New member
    Thanks @Alex B,

    It's the first scenario you described, so it looks like I'll have to create views.
    Also good to know about the second scenario.

    Thank you for your prompt reply, most helpful,

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