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SQL Prompt Bug - INSERT/SELECT column highlighting

ubercamubercam Posts: 1 New member
I just discovered a bug with the insert / select column highlighting feature.

The bug appears to be caused by incorrect parsing of columns where AT TIME ZONE is used. This is the only instance of this issue I have encountered. I'm not sure if it applies to other functions or features as well. Strangely, it occurs only in one direction, as shown in the examples below.

I clicked on expiryTime in the INSERT list, and it highlights the correct column in the SELECT list, but only up to the end of AT TIME ZONE. It ignores the rest of the line statement.

Clicking the next column highlights the final part of the AT TIME ZONE statement, and not the expected column.

If AT TIME ZONE is used multiple times in a row like in the second and third last columns, everything up to the end of the last instance of AT TIME ZONE is selected. It doesn't matter what follows AT TIME ZONE, be it a variable, string literal, column, or function.

Clicking a column a bit further down, you can see the highlighting is now off by one. This gets worse and worse as you go if you have more columns with AT TIME ZONE.

However, it all works perfectly if I click on the SELECT column itself, the correct column in the INSERT list is highlighted.

For what it's worth I'm running SSMS 19.1.



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