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Use of SQL Compare on client server without VPN

MCarugatiMCarugati Posts: 1 New member
edited June 12, 2023 8:42AM in SQL Compare
Hello there,

we would need to use SQL Compare on our customer's server by comparing our development database with the production database.
Our client, however, has a very protected VPN with absolutely no internet connection: we only have access via a browser but we clearly cannot make a comparison using the SQL Compare installation on our PCs.

We would then take a snapshot of our development database, transfer the snapshot to the customer server and compare the snapshot of our development database with the production database.
To do this, however, we would need to install SQL Compare on our client's server. I guess we will have problems with licensing SQL Compare.
In fact, in addition to the absence of an internet connection, it would also be an absolutely temporary installation since this type of operation on this customer's db is performed once every 1 or 2 years.

Is there any way to allow us to do this task with SQL Compare?
Thank you

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    Ben_PBen_P Posts: 226 Silver 2

    Hi MCarugati,

    Thank you for your post. 

    With your use case, because you would still be the one using the tool rather than the client you could still use your SQL Compare license. 

    If they have not internet access though then you'd need to manually activate the license and this can only be done if there is an open space on the license so you may need to temporarily remove an allocation to do this. 

    Then after the work has been complete you'd need to deactivate the license and uninstall the tool from the machine.

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