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SQLSearch Toolbar entries disappeared

GrouchoGroucho Posts: 4 New member
My SSMS toolbar entry for SQL Search has disappeared.
I think this happened after the most recent update installation, a couple of days ago.
I did do a search for this, but the suggested answer, to Repair SSMS Integration Pack, won't work for me. For one thing, the only entry that shows for me is SSMS Integration Pack 3, and the other is that (maybe because I'm not an admin on my PC, though I'm able to install these updates) it gives me no option to Repair, only Uninstall ("Modify" is there but disabled).
My current toolbar entries are SQL History, SQL Test, SQL Change Automation, and SQL Source Control. 
(If you want to see the logs, please be specific as to where I'll find them.)
Thank you.


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