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SQLSearch Toolbar entries disappeared (except SQL History)

Wave22Wave22 Posts: 4 New member
Hello Support

We very often struggle with disappering toolbar items (similar as SQL Search disappeared from my SSMS — Redgate forums (red-gate.com)), The SQLSearch (and other) items except the History disappeared in MSMS.
This happens almost every 4 weeks, we have to run the repair process, which is not really the solution.
This happes to all users in our company.

We run Search and (but it also happens in many previous version)

MSMS 18.12.1 (and also in earlier releases)
The log directory has logfiles for every day until it disappears.
AppData\Local\Red Gate\Logs\SQLSearch 3

\Local\Red Gate\Logs\SSMS Integration Pack 3
Has daily new files

Could you support us in this issue?



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