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Remaining Tab History -> SQL History issues (as of 10.13.7)

The Tab History -> SQL History migration has been bumpy, 
the 10.12.5+ releases were unusable (10+ second searches, crashed when typing search query too fast)

I reverted to 10.12.4 for a while before testing 10.13.5, and the search performance/stability is great now.
I appreciate the new lucene index, allows searching multiple keywords (and has some operators?).
10.13.5 was difficult to use with results ordered by "Relevance" only, as I have 8+ years of history, and a result from 5 years ago is never more relevant than one from last month. (had to manually enter date filters for most searches.)

10.13.7 Added result sorting by date, newest first!
Now SQL history is at feature parity to my use of tab history, this is good.

Now, to be as efficient as the old tab history, I would like to see:
- 'advanced' search settings saved between searches (right now, I need to click "advanced" -> sort by date and object type -> queries for every search) 
- make the 'advanced' link visible before the search box has focus. (less confusing for new users)

Almost there team! , great work with the lucene + query version history.


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    CaseyUSACaseyUSA Posts: 1 New member
    edited August 4, 2023 7:22PM
    The default should be queries.This would get it back to having the power of SQL Tab plus easily get to the new version history for the selected query. 

    (The special search would be what it  is defaulted for now, everything)
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