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RedGate.Versioning.Automation.Shared.Errors.TerminatingException: Failed to clean database


We are trying to automate the process of creating a SQL Clone and deploy the database changes using SQL Chang Automation using Azure Pipelines.

We are able to create the SQL Clone successfully, however we are facing issue when the SQL project is build as part of the SQL Change Automation.

From the logs we can see that the latest version of SQL Change Automation is pulled whenever available.
New-DatabaseConnection, SQL Change Automation 4.6.23115.1242, Copyright © Red Gate Software Ltd 2014-2023

We are getting the error "RedGate.Versioning.Automation.Shared.Errors.TerminatingException: Failed to clean database" when the .sql proj file is being built.

We are not sure what the error "An error occurred while trying to initialize the authenticated on current request properties" mean. We tried with Windows Authentication and well as SQL Authentication and were able to confirm from the logs that the correct user was used as part of the connection string.

I saw a similar question on the forum and the resolution to that was to set correct permissions (https://forum.red-gate.com/discussion/86145/redgate-versioning-automation-shared-errors-terminatingexception-failed-to-clean-the-database). Can you please let me know what those permissions have to be?

Also, we keep repeatedly get the Failed to load any version of "RedGate.SqlClone.Server.Domain" assembly. We are not sure if this is the cause of the error. How do we get this assembly to load so that the error/warnings go away.



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