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Questions about the command line interface

KlausEKlausE Posts: 6
edited November 10, 2010 11:01AM in SQL Data Generator Previous Versions
Hi RedGate team,

I tried to find information about the /argfile switch in the commandline interface. Could you give a short example of what arguments can be set and how the file format looks like?

If I am configuring Application Options in the GUI interface of SQL Data Generator, are they used by the command line application as well?



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    Hi KlausE,

    The SQL Data Generator command line is basically just there to enable it to be run from a batch file etc.

    All the project specific options can only be set in the SQL Data Generator GUI, these are stored in the project file which can be called from the command line.

    It's easier to directly call the project file from the command line rather than calling an argfile which calls the project file.

    I hope this helps.
    Matthew Flatt
    Redgate Foundry
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    Are you saying that the /argfile switch can not be used to dynamically pass in parameters or setting to an existing project (.sqlgen file)? I understood this switch as being used for that purpose. For example, I would like to be able to dynamically pass in the bit flag for "Delete data from table before generation" in the Table generation settings or the Min value for the IDs generator in the Column generation settings. Can not the /argfile switch do this? If it cannot do this I need to know as I will need to design another approach.

    Thank you,

    Matt Karp
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