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Issues with SSMS 19.0.2

Zierde01Zierde01 Posts: 10 Bronze 1
I recently added SSMS 19.0.2 to my system (I still have an older 18.x version installed).  I have downloaded the SQLPrompt_10.13.4.32349.exe installer and run it, but SQL Prompt doesn't appear to be installed in 19.0.2 (I don't see the SQL Prompt menu). 

I see SSMS 19 is listed as supported, is the 19.0.2 version not supported, or is this an issue with having two SSMS's installed?

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    Zierde01Zierde01 Posts: 10 Bronze 1
    Maybe fully uninstalling was the answer; I did have that version installed, but I tried uninstalling and reinstalling and that seemed to fix it.  Thank you!
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