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Changing SQL Prompt Styles

After the very informative SQL Prompt webcast a few weeks ago, I was experimenting with some of the features and I turned on the formatting style "Commas Before" just to see the effect. I prefer the "Default" format though.

Now, each time I start SQL and SQL Prompt, the formatting style is set to "Commas Before". I've looked through all of the options but I can't see where to save/persist the "Default" format. 

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    Ben_PBen_P Posts: 226 Silver 2
    Hi @HampdenTech81, thank you for your post. 

    In SSMS if you try going to the SQL Prompt Sub menu and then 'Active Style' you should see 2 sections, custom styles and the Redgate Styles. Under Redgate Styles you should see the "Default" option:

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