Getting error "Cannot open user default database" with SQL Doc

I am getting this error after SQL Doc gets through about 10% of the database.

Does anyone have any idea what may be causing this problem? The database I am doing the documentation for is the default database for the account I am using.

Any help would be appreciated.


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    RaySRayS Posts: 1 New member
    As far as I know, this error usually occurs when an instance of SQL Server cannot connect to the default user database. It could be
    because the database is unavailable or corrupted, the user does not have sufficient permissions, or the connection string is invalid
     You can try:

    1. Check the default user database.
    Make sure the value in the default_database_name column matches the database.

    2. Check database availability: Make sure the database is online and available.
    If the status is not "ONLINE", you may need to bring the database online.

    3. Check user permissions: Make sure the user has the necessary permissions to access the database.
    Make sure the user is a member of the appropriate roles and has the necessary permissions to access the database.

    4. Check the connection string: If you are using a connection string to connect to the database, make sure it is correct.
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