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Ignore Rules

Hi ,
i wanted to exclude all User Object Priviledges in the Ignore Rules. The only way i found is to filter a name that doen't exists

    "userObjectPrivileges": [

Is there a better way to exclude all object priviledges?

Kind Regards


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    Hi @BNitsche


    Thanks for reaching out on the Redgate forums regarding your Flyway inquiry.

     Are you able to confirm the database type you are using in your project?

    There are ways to set filters for SQL Server & Oracle databases using our compare products. 

    There are some major differences in the Filtering capabilities between our SQL Compare and Source Control for Oracle comparison engines.


    The Oracle engine sadly does not have the same filtering capability as SQL Server, in that its filter will simply block object types.  

    However, it does have a feature called the IgnoreRules Filter which is not available in SQL Compare.  

    The IgnoreRules filter allows an user to omit objects completely from the comparison and there fore will be compared.  

    This will mean that Flyway Desktop will also omit the objects.  Starting point for further information is available in this help document:



    If you are using SQL Server you can use SQL Compare to define filters on objects at a more detailed. 

    It will use SQL Compare to create a filter file which can be used in your Flyway project. The filters in SQL Compare can include/exclude objects as required.

    Details on these processes can be found on the following pages:



    If you are using Oracle sadly it doesn't have the same filtering capabilities as SQL Server; in it's case the filter will simply block object types. 

    In this case I feel your current workaround may be suitable.

    Jon Kirkwood | Technical Support Engineer | Redgate Software

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