How do I compare two tables with different names in the same schema?

Schema = TestSchema
Table 1 = TestSchema.TestTable1
Table 2 = TestSchema.TestTable2

Table structures are identical.
How do I compare the data between TestTable1 and TestTable2?



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    Hi, Thank you for your forum post.

    On the Project Configuration, select the Tables & Views tab.

    Data Compare for Oracle lists the tables in the source and target. Tables with identical or similar names are displayed side-by-side:

    If you need to compare tables (or views) that have different names in the source and the target, use the Map / Unmap buttons. Restore default mappings will reset the mappings to their original state.

    So in the example screen shot above, select or highlight the COUNTRIES and NATIONS tables and then click the Map button.

    Many Thanks

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