Flyway gives type not found or user lacks privilege for Postgres11 fields BIGSERIAL and TIMESTAMPTZ

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edited March 24, 2023 11:39AM in Flyway Desktop

Caused by: org.flywaydb.core.internal.command.DbMigrate$FlywayMigrateException: Migration V1__create_ingest_schema.sql failed


SQL State  : 42509

Error Code : -5509

Message    : type not found or user lacks privilege: TIMESTAMPTZ

Location   : db_migrations/V1__create_ingest_schema.sql (/Users/

Line       : 1

Statement  : CREATE TABLE IF NOT EXISTS asset (

                       id BIGINT primary key not NULL,

                       media_id VARCHAR(50) NULL,

                       "state" VARCHAR(30) not NULL,

                       ingest_source_id BIGINT not null,

                       create_date TIMESTAMPTZ not null,

                       update_date TIMESTAMPTZ not null


at org.flywaydb.core.internal.command.DbMigrate.doMigrateGroup( ~[flyway-core-9.15.2.jar:na]

at org.flywaydb.core.internal.command.DbMigrate.lambda$applyMigrations$1( ~[flyway-core-9.15.2.jar:na]

Note in the above error that BIGINT was originally BIGSERIAL and I got a similar error; changing to BIGINT to avoid the error I then got the TIMESTAMPTZ error.



  • Hi @kpdude7

    Can I ask what version of Flyway Desktop you're using?

    When using the latest version of FWD and creating the same table, it gets output as:

    CREATE TABLE public.asset (
        id bigint NOT NULL,
        media_id character varying(50),
        state character varying(30) NOT NULL,
        ingest_source_id bigint NOT NULL,
        create_date timestamp with time zone NOT NULL,
        update_date timestamp with time zone NOT NULL
    ALTER TABLE public.asset ADD CONSTRAINT asset_pkey PRIMARY KEY (id);

    Kind regards

    Dan Calver | Redgate Software
    Have you visited our Help Center?

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