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SQL Search only returning results for some databases

ChrisCSChrisCS Posts: 1 New member
edited March 14, 2023 10:10AM in SQL Search

I'm having a weird problem with SQL Search which I've not had before on previous devices. It could be that this is the first time I'm using SSMS 19 but not sure.

When I try to search databases on our Live servers, it seems to only bring back results for a small selection of databases on that server. Other databases it doesn't bring any results back for at all. I have read permission to these databases and can view manually, SQL Prompt also doesn't seem to have this issue and can see everything fine.

Curiously, our demo servers which are copies of the Live server works absolutely fine. The only thing different is that I also have write permissions on these databases.

No one else in my team is experiencing this problem and this has worked before for me on previous devices with this exact setup. Is anyone able to point me in the right direction as to what might be happening here?


So bit of an update, I have found one other person with the same issue and oddly enough they also are using SSMS 19 with the latest SQL search update ( The rest of my team are using SSMS 18 which works fine.

The logs for SQL Search are coming back on the databases it can't find with "Exception while indexing database DatabaseName: The given key was not present in the dictionary." 

I've now downgraded to 18 which seems to be working fine with the same version of SQL Search so it seems like there's possibly a bug with it on 19?


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