Options within a project - how to use them globally?

PBuxtonPBuxton Posts: 3 New member
I commonly need to ignore constraint names, extended properties...

Unless I missed it, It doesn't seem that I can set these to be remembered OUTSIDE of a project as a  global setting?.


  • Hi Paul

    Unfortunately, SQL Compare does not provide a global setting to remember the ignored constraint names or extended properties outside of a project. 

    However, you can create a project file in SQL Compare and save the settings for ignored constraint names and extended properties within that project. This will allow you to reuse the same settings in future comparisons without having to manually configure them each time. 

    To create a project file, simply open SQL Compare and select "File" > "New Project". Then, choose your source and target databases, and configure the options as desired, including the ignored constraint names and extended properties. Once you have configured the project, save it as a project file for future use. You can open the project file and run a comparison to use the same settings. Hopefully this will save you time and effort in manually configuring the options each time you run a comparison.

    Appreciate this isn't exactly the solution you were asking for, if this isn't sufficient for you I would suggest raising this request on the UserVoice site, votes on these suggestions can help prioritise future features!

    Kind regards

    Tom Claringbold | Redgate Software
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